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  • Brian Luft

Connecting Through Community Drum Circles

Have you had a chance to experience the rhythm and connection of a Community Drum Circle? If not, or if you have and are ready to return, the first Saturday of every month is your opportunity to check it out!

Community Drum Circles come in a variety of intentions and purposes. The goal of this circle is to unite with others and let the rhythm be a guide as to where the beat goes. Because drum sounds are reflective of heart beats, set your heart free and let it guide your drum rhythm. More than anything, have fun!

No experience is required to attend and you may bring your own percussion instrument or there are plenty to share.

The next circle is Saturday, April 6, 2019 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. Location is 509 S College Ave, Claremont.

And the beat goes on!