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  • Brian Luft

City of Claremont Recreational Summer Classes City of Claremont Recreational Summer Classes

Forget about the heat while you learn an instrument. Pick up some new dance steps to impress your friends.

Registration is open for the summer schedule of recreation classes for the City of Claremont. There are always classes offered in the music and arts categories suitable for people of all ages. This summer's schedule includes dance classes and music lessons.

A slice of what's available:


  • Ballet

  • Hip-hop

  • Spanish / Mexican Folklorico

  • Breakdancing

  • Waltz and Foxtrot

  • Tango

  • Swing

  • Ballroom

  • Country Western Line Dancing

  • Egyptian Belly Dancing


  • Guitar

  • Ukulele

  • Piano

  • Vocals / Singing

  • Violin / Viola / Cello

Registration can be done online at, by phone, or in-person.