Claremont Music Scene

Listing Events

The Claremont Music Scene calendar is created and maintained on a volunteer basis. Time and attention is required to:

  • Frequently check multiple websites and social media accounts for updates or event postings
  • Carefully transfer multiple pieces of information into the calendar (name, times, location, details)
  • Stay up-to-date with event changes and cancellations
  • Pay attention to and organize calendar details for various music series or special events (like Friday Nights Live, Pie Festival, etc) where events can be linked together and/or seasonal.

With a goal of being a comprehensive listing of music-related events in our area, here are ways you and others can help bring this to life:

  1. Volunteer to help with the calendar. You'll get access to add and edit events on the calendar.
  1. Send a brief email to with details about the event: name, date+time, place, and any other relevant info
  1. We can accommodate bulk imports like spreadsheets, comma-separated files (.csv), or iCal; get in touch and let us know what you have to work with.
  1. Send an event tip on the website. Fill out a few fields on a form and send it along
  1. Send us a message on Instagram or Facebook with a link or details

This isn't an immediate process since it's handled by volunteers in their free time. Often we'll handle your request within a day but it may occasionally take longer.

Some things that are on the roadmap given enough collective interest and motivation:

  • Display performer/event promo material with event listings (add images to events)
  • Featured Events - more prominent placement in the Upcoming Events and events calendar
  • "Shared" Instagram - automated re-post from trusted accounts whenever a specified hashtag is used. Example: A local venue registers their Instagram account with Claremont Music Scene to be a trusted event poster. When this users makes a post with a specified hashtag (#claremontevent for example), the Claremont Music Scene Instagram account will re-post to it's own account a short while later. This way venues and performers can tap in to the music scene's Instagram audience just by using their own Instagram account.