About Claremont Music Scene

Claremont Music Scene was created with a purpose of elevating our music and arts community. We provide a common place for venues, performers, educators, and fans to come together and participate. Our community events calendar is the go-to for finding out about live music events in Claremont and other music-related opportunities. Event guides help you discover seasonal events, special events and festivals, open mics, and more.


Claremont Music Scene began as part of a curious effort to collect information about what was generally happening with music in the area. It turned out there was quite a bit once one started poking around. Wouldn't it be nice if it were easy to discover everything in one convenient place? The Claremont Music Scene was born.

In its few year existence the Claremont Music Scene has existed in several different forms and functions. During the journey to discover our purpose, a few notable things have happened along the way:

  • A handful of jam sessions
  • A few open mic events
  • Logged and archived several hundred local events into a calendar

Claremont's history includes chapters woven with musical folklore. The Folk Music Center was instrumental in making Claremont a popular destination for artists during an era. The Claremont Treasury of Music works to preserve these stories. Claremont Music Scene has a goal of supporting a vibrant music community by building on our history and by helping the next generation of story-tellers feel welcome here.

For Performers

Claremont Music Scene has been building an audience of music and arts lovers, with a focus on genuine messaging and organic growth. Take advantage of the events calendar and social media channels to promote your events and projects. Claremont Music Scene is well-connected with the local music community and we can help you find your niche.

Genuine Messaging

This is a volunteer organization and we're not selling anything. Our goals are rooted in sharing information and growing a community. We try to respect people's privacy and hard work: your information, branding, and artistic work. We strive to function as an informational organization

Organic Growth

Claremont Music Scene is grown organically, and with some guiding principles in mind. We don't buy links or likes, inflate follower counts, or spam. Many people find us via word of mouth, recommendations or in-person networking. This should reflect in the quality of the interactions, since it is assumed most people who follow Claremont Music Scene have a genuine interest in local music.

Events Calendar

Work with us to make sure your events and performances are listed and accurate in the events calendar. Upcoming Events are featured on the website and social media channels; occasionally with flyers around town. This will help you get visibility to a wider audience of local music fans

Social Media

We've been curating an audience across a few well-known social networks by maintaining accounts for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Opportunities are available for cross-posting or guest access to accounts so performers can take advantage with minimal effort.