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Claremont Music Scene

A volunteer-driven organization for connecting people together through music. Planted in Claremont, CA.


Claremont Music Scene is a local service club run by volunteers. Its purpose is to help connect people in the community together via music. To fulfill our vision, we start and maintain projects that we believe the community will benefit from.

A Friday Nights Live performance
Music Events Calendar

Stay up-to-date with all the live music events around Claremont, CA. Make plans for the weekend or discover a new venue that caters to your tastes.

Claremont Community Performers play at AgingNext Cider Open House event
Community Performers

We work with local senior and memory care facilities to create opportunities for volunteer musicians to lead song circles and music performances.

Open mic night at the Folk Music Center

Band looking for gigs? Need musicians for your event? Looking to jam or make new friends? Find out how we can help

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